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The Writer, confirma su asistencia

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A jaw-droppingly impressive production, an explosive performance, a heartrending story of love, misg

Venue, UK​


The Writer

© Knut Bry

The Writer

© Knut Bry

The Writer

© Knut Bry

Where does art end and politics start? A Nobel Prize winner is isolated for psychiatric scrutiny, accused of national treason. After 60 years of hatred, shame and distrust, there has still been no reconciliation.

Co-production with Ulrike Quade and Nordland Visual Theatre.

The performance let’s the writer talk to someone again, to a three generations later someone, who perhaps has a different view upon the ever so latent minefield called freedom of thought and speech. A conversation that still avoids all the answers, simply because there may not be any. But nonetheless, intimate conversations may still provide us with associative material to why and how someone chooses to join fascistic ideologies.

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